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Future Problem Solving is an international education programme teaching children skills in problem solving using a proven six-step process developed by creativity pioneer Dr E. Paul Torrance. FPS explores pressing real-world issues and provides opportunities for students to compete on national and international levels. FPS UK administers the programme in the UK and is a rapidly growing charity looking for new partner schools and like-minded educators.

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Student Testimonials

We were very pleased with ourselves as this was our very first time in the competition. I’m very proud of my team because we tried extremely hard and completed all sections in plenty of time. It’s been a really good day!

Carys, Year 8, Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls

It was amazing to meet other people from around the world and to work together with them as a team to solve a problem of global importance.

Rowan Wood, QEH Bristol — MAGIC Junior 1st Place 2015

The good thing about FPS is that you don’t need to be knowledgeable, you just need common sense. There wasn’t a point where I felt bored and I don’t think anyone else was. FPS has really interesting problems, with great backstories to help you get into them. I enjoyed the competition and hope to compete … Continue reading Natalie, Year 8, James Allen’s Girls School

Natalie, Year 8, James Allen’s Girls School

Everyone in our group helped to do the challenge and contributed equally and we managed to produce a solution. I enjoyed it very much and I hope we do it again next year.

JAGS Student

It was a really fun day and a completely new experience for us all. Future Problem Solving was very intriguing and we all enjoyed it!

Ruby & Zoe, Year 8, James Allen’s Girls School